Opportunities in the Molecular Systems Lab    Dept. Systems Biology Harvard Medical School Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering

Postdoctoral Fellow Positions

We have multiple positions open in single-molecule proteomics, chromosome imaging, molecular/cellular atlas, molecular robotics, molecular programming, nucleic acid/protein diagnostics, DNA data storage, molecular tool development (including, but not restricted to, bioimaging and biosensing), and open-ended innovation and translation.

See the research page for our current research interests, publications for past results, people for current group, alumni for past placement. See abstracts of our current NIH awards for project examples (Pioneer, HuBMAP, chromosome imaging, molecular ruler).

Please send a cover letter with a CV and two to three letters of recommendation to Peng. In your cover letter please briefly describe your scientific interests and credentials, how your interests and skills mesh with those of the Molecular Systems Lab, what your scientific and professional aspirations are, and how you envision we could facilitate you to work towards your goals in this lab.

Graduate Students

Students interested in graduate studies in the Molecular Systems Lab should apply to one of Harvard's graduate programs, such as Systems Biology, Biophysics, Harvard/MIT HST, Chemistry, or Biological and Biomedical Sciences (BBS), etc. Harvard graduate students interested in a rotation in the Molecular Systems Lab should send an email to Peng.